Holistic infant physical therapy  


Hi, I'm Jaime. I care for infants using gentle hands-on techniques to encourage better sleep, feeding, and development.

I offer holistic care and support for the following conditions

Head + neck concerns

Flattening of the head,  tortocolis, and breastfeeding side preference.

Reflux + Colic

Reflux, colic, and other tummy or nervous system concerns.

Tongue + oral ties

Upper lip, tongue, and buccal ties. Latch support. Pre or post-release.


Straining, dry or painful, or infrequent bowel movements. 

The support and solutions you are seeking for your infant are here. 

Holistic infant physical therapy

$150/ 1 hour

  • Physical therapy evaluation and treatment
  • Slow, gentle, holistic approach rooted in physiologic infant development, manual therapy, and support for the nervous system
  • Inter-oral work and latch support as needed
  • Superbill upon request
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