Doctor of Physical Therapy Jaime Goldman, Women's Pelvic Health Specialist


Mom of 3,  Innate Traditions Postpartum Care Practitioner + Guest Teacher, Physiologic Birth + Postpartum Advocate

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When I first became a mother, my body was truly in a place of suffering, for longer than I care to admit. Leaks, scar tissue from tearing, prolapse, painful sex, diastasis. You name it, I had it. When I took myself to my first pelvic PT appointment, I was disheartened by the lack of humanness and warmth I felt while I sobbed about all that I was experiencing. 


Following that appointment, I immediately knew two things: #1. I was being called to learn how to heal myself, and #2. I wanted to change the pelvic PT experience for other women, so their journey could be different from mine.  


That was 10 years ago! Today, I am a women's pelvic health PT and owner of Origin Mother and Child. And, perhaps most importantly, I am completely symptom-free, and I've helped so many women to be too!


 I am committed to making holistic pelvic health care more approachable + commonplace for women and girls. 

Another powerful patient testimonial: 


"I came to Dr. Jaime 3 years postpartum suffering from diastasis recti. 


At the time, like many other mothers, I had no idea Pelvic PT existed. From the very first visit I felt comfortable, heard, and supported. Dr. Jaime was there every step of the way, encouraging me to keep going. Celebrating my wins and progress each week.


Dr. Jaime helped me heal my diastasis recti through exercise and movement, NOT surgery as I was told was my only option. Today I am able to do all exercises freely. I am forever grateful to Dr. Jaime and continue to use her wisdom daily."


-Nasim C., mother of 2

Healing from pelvic dysfunction isn't always easy, but it is 100% worth it.


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