Pelvic Health Physical Therapy 

Serving North County San Diego


Specializing in

pelvic + bladder concerns

pregnancy + postpartum

holistic breast care

scars + sexual pain

teen pelvic + menstrual health  


Dr. Jaime Goldman,

Pelvic + Whole Body Physical Therapist




Bladder leaks, pelvic pain, prolapse, and body changes can make you feel out of control 


You don't have to continue feeling this way. 


You can heal these issues, and feel supported in your journey. 



Strong testimony from a former patient:

Ashley Mast, Certified Nurse Midwife, IBCLC
"Dr. Jaime is a gentle, compassionate, and highly skilled Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. My doctor had referred me to a PFPT who did a quick pelvic exam and taught me kegels, which did not help. 
My experience with Dr. Jaime was entirely different. I immediately felt comfortable seeing someone who had given birth herself. As a Nurse-Midwife myself, I was humbled by the depth of her knowledge of general anatomy and the pelvic floor. She taught me techniques I could use at home with breath, posture, and abdominal massage. I later saw her for help with bladder issues. Her approach was non-judgemental and individualized. Dr. Jaime restored my confidence that my body could heal itself."

You can get back to doing what you love.


You can heal from bladder leaks, pelvic pain, pain with intimacy, scar tissue, and more.  

Some of the most common concerns I support women and girls with are


  • Resolving bladder urgency and frequency

  • Eliminating incontinence and leaks 

  • Relieving pregnancy pain and preparing the body for birth

  • Restoring the body + pelvic floor postpartum

  • Resolving pelvic pain and pain with intercourse 

  • Training the core and pelvic floor 

  • Remediation of scar tissue from tears, episiotomy, c-section, or hysterectomy, etc.  

  • Healing diastasis recti

    And more....



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