Hi, I'm Dr. Jaime Goldman, DPT.


I help women achieve their pelvic health goals so they can live their best lives possible. 


Your time is way too valuable to be putting up with pelvic pain and weakness, painful intercourse, bladder leaks... etc. 


Work with Dr. Jaime Goldman

I teach my clients the skills and concepts they need to resolve their pelvic health concerns discretely, and conveniently, from home.


No more office visits. No more fighting traffic. 

Experienced support and highly effective evidence-based techniques, from the comfort of your own home. 

A model of care that prioritizes your unique needs.   


The needs of my clientele are incredibly diverse. This model of care delivery prioritizes concierge quality while honoring autonomy, privacy, and individualized care. 


More about Jaime

Not your Grandma's

pelvic physical therapy


We all love our grandmothers, however women's bodies, through their child-bearing years and into peri-menopause, experience unique and specific demands. Women in this stage of life benefit greatly from care that integrates age-specific hormone and metabolic health considerations into their treatment plans.

In my sessions with clients, I address nutrition, supplements, lifestyle factors, menstrual and sexual health, and so much more. 


Old-school physical therapy clinics simply don't compare. 

Work Together

 Here are a few ways we can work together   

Virtual sessions 

Women's health physical therapy

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Virtual Learning

Online Courses

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Find the right type of support for your needs 


1:1 Virtual Sessions

Women's Pelvic Physical Therapy


Skilled and compassionate care for women age 18-55

  • Relief from pregnancy pain 
  • Prepare for birth
  • Heal from birth
  • Resolve pelvic pain, leakage & scar tissue
  • Reconnect to your core
  • Restore posture
  • Return to fitness 

And beyond.....


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Virtual Courses


 Courses are designed to offer users the knowledge and techniques needed to heal pelvic health concerns from home. Clear, digestible, and effective. 

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