Physical therapy for women.

Expert care for pelvic + bladder rehabilitation.

Located in Encinitas, CA


Dr. Jaime Goldman,

Pelvic + Bladder Physical Therapist,

Owner of Origin Mother & Child.




The women I treat lead active, and full lives.


Pelvic or bladder physical therapy was not where they expected their paths to take them.


And yet, they show up to each session with courage and devotion. Ready to do the work. I am inspired everyday. 



It's time to bring pelvic and bladder health out of the shadows.

Pelvic health is so much more than attending a 6-week postpartum check-up and being cleared to exercise and resume intimacy.

Bladder health is all but an after-thought. No one is asking why you're peeing every hour or two, or if you're losing sleep at night because of your bladder.

I would like to change this together with you! 


Origin Mother and Child has a vision.

Women's bodies through our child-bearing years and into perimenopause experience unique and specific demands.

Women in this stage of life benefit greatly from care that integrates age-specific hormone and metabolic health considerations into their pelvic and bladder treatment plans.

I love to collaborate. I enjoy working closely with my acupuncture, chiropractic,  naturopathic, midwifery, and urology/gynecology/obstetrics colleagues.




It's time to stop giving pelvic floor and bladder problems so much real estate in your life.


These problems are treatable. 

Who is pelvic or bladder physical therapy for? 


The short answer: It is for everyone with a pelvis!


Some of the most common concerns I treat are

  • Bladder urgency and frequency

  • Incontinence or leaks of any kind

  • Pregnancy discomfort and birth prep

  • Postpartum recovery

  • Pelvic pain, painful intercourse

  • Pelvic floor + core muscle training

  • Scar tissue from birth injuries or surgical birth 

  • Diastasis recti 

  • And beyond...


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Courses offer users the knowledge and techniques needed to heal pelvic health concerns from home.


Clear, digestible, and effective. 



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